Researchers and theorists have mostly supported the idea that religious people tend to be dogmatic to some extent whereas non-religious people are undogmatic. However, in contrast to this, a new study called ‘Are atheists undogmatic?’ done at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium has concluded that those who believe in God, or those who are religious are better in taking different perspectives than non-believers.

In this study, there were 788 European adult participants, including UK, France, and Spain; 445 of whom were either atheist or agnostic. The other 255 were of various Christian denomination religious believers, there were also 17 Muslims, 3 Jews, and 17 Buddhists.

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The researchers found that Christian participants scored higher on a measure of ‘self- reported dogmatism’ than nonreligious participants. The Christian participants, for example, were more likely to disagree with statements such as ‘There are so many things we have not discovered yet, nobody should be absolutely certain his beliefs are right.’

Filip Uzarevic: “closed-mindedness is not necessarily found only among the religious.’. ‘In our study, the relationship between religion and closed-mindedness depended on the specific aspect of closed-mindedness.’ told Psypost.

This study actually contradicts previous psychological research, which found that the religious were more biased than atheists and also the main idea that atheists are more open-minded.

Based On: PsyPost

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