Can you imagine someone saying to your favorite song or band ‘ turn off that music, it’s disgusting’?

For our musical taste is a reflection of our values, cultural accumulation, life opinion, even political views, it is an important factor when it comes to choosing a partner in a relationship. Music preferences also predict some of the person’s personality characteristics and beliefs.It is more than just being a music taste. Since music is a part of a preferred lifestyle, people who like the same genre of music will have a closer lifestyle and an anticipation of life between each other. Whereas people who do not share similar musical preferences, they will have a different viewpoint of life and this may influence the relationship in a negative way.

1. It is an important topic to talk about on a first date.

First of all, if both of you like the same genre of music, it can be a wide topic you can talk about in dating for the first time. You can suggest to each other the music you like to listen or go to a place where you both enjoy its music.

2. Not having the same musical taste can turn out to an anger war.

If you are a fan of hardcore music, you can hear your partner saying ‘why is this woman screaming?’ or if you like opera she might say ‘he tore his voice’. Wouldn’t these make you feel annoyed?  Two people living in the same house with different musical tastes can turn out to an anger war. At the same time, the same situation would happen while listening to music when driving a car. Whereas a couple enjoying the same kind of music can make this enjoyment even more enjoyable with participating together in events such as concerts or festivals and making unforgettable memories.

3. You enjoy going to places where preferable musical type is being played.

When going to the places according to the music that is being played or performed, it is guaranteed that both sides will have a good time without being disturbed or feeling bored by the music, which will be reflected positively in the relationship. Imagine if one of the individuals wants to go to a rock bar while the other wants to go to a place where pop music is being played. One of them will convince the other, and the person will be uncomfortable and annoyed to spend time where a music she doesn’t like is being played.

4. You can express what you want to say with a song.

If you share similar musical preferences with your partner, you don’t always have to talk to each other. You express your feelings, thoughts by suggesting him a music that both of you will enjoy listening. However, doing this to someone who doesn’t like your musical taste will not alert a single impact on their emotions or thoughts.

5. If you like their musical taste, then you like them on the whole.

Dating a person with same music tastes as you means that you’re very likely to enjoy their conversations, opinions, lifestyle, and the way they dress since they are all linked to musical preferences. You will find people more attractive who has the same music taste as you and this will bring you closer together. Sharing same music preferences means you have more in common, which as a result, choosing a partner who likes the same music as you is a great important factor for a better long-lasting relationship.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think music taste matters in a relationship?


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