In a world where people value material things more than their emotions and ability to understand each other, it has been difficult to find someone who possesses a high empathy. Empathy is not limited in being sensitive and emotional; instead, it requires to have a high emotional intelligence, which is sometimes more important than having a high IQ.  Look at the relationships who do not last long or face with full of conflicts with each other, most of the time the reason is that one of them lacks empathy. If one of the individuals possesses empathy, there is no doubt that the relationship would go much better. If both of them possesses empathy, welcome to the greatest relationship!

Why is empathy important?

If everyone on earth would have high empathy, the world truly would be a better place. To have an empathy ensures to build better interpersonal relations, perform better in groups and provides a richer perspective on the world. The person who understands what someone else is doing is more successful than the one who cannot deal with the negative situations. If your partner possesses empathy, he will be able to love, care, value and respect you. Love fades after the excitement period, the only thing that keeps up the long term relationships is trust, care, value, and respect and these can only be found in a partner who possesses empathy. Basically, If you want a long-lasting, respectful, a good relationship, make sure your partner is good on empathy.

1. They are good listeners.

“Empathy is like giving someone a psychological hug.” –Lawernce J.Bookbinder

What can be worse than keeping your problems to yourself and not having someone you can share your emotions with? Empathetic people are good listeners. You are comfortable to tell anything to them  – whether it is about your family, work or yourself- because you know they will understand you. Whenever you express yourself, they put themselves in your position, understand you and give you the best advice.

2. Problems are resolved quickly.

If there is a problem between you and your partner, you can resolve it by talking about it. If your partner is high on empathy, he will understand you when you talk about it and will agree with you if you have the right. Thus, the problems will be resolved quickly. Especially if both of you are empathetic, probably you will have almost no conflicts with each other.

3. They can sense your emotions that you cannot put into words.

Some people have difficulty in expressing themselves. If you have an empathetic partner, there is no need to worry about it. You don’t have to be careful on choosing the right words while expressing yourself. They sense what you want to say or what you feel, just by looking into your eyes or by observing your behaviors.

4. They never cheat.

You cannot wait for an empath to do things that will make you feel upset. This is another advantage in having an empathetic partner, they never cheat! They do not do this, because they put themselves in your shoes, and know how it would feel like if somebody cheats on you. If they like somebody else, they will tell you about this and break up with you before they engage in another relationship.

5. They are patient.

“The opposite of anger is not calmness, it’s empathy.” –Mehmet Oz

Empathy teaches us to be patient by looking at things from someone else’s point of view. instead of losing your temper and taking things the wrong way, Someone who possesses empathy will think before he reacts and at the end will respond calmly.


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