Are there a lot of years that separate you and your lover? There are several age differences in many types of relationships: marriage, dating, friendship. I am willing to bet that the best topic is about the couples who have a lot of length in between them such as five to ten years. For couples who have like ages they will rarely think of this issue. The struggle really begins for adult couples that date, especially if when they start the growth of their relationship. We need to be able to understand how age gaps affect our relationships.

What is the most common age gap amongst couples?

Age differences trend in American adult heterosexual pairs are well written. 78-80% of heterosexual Americans choose mates who are within the same age when they elope for the first time. Some are not of the same age. In couples that have an age difference, men are more likely to have a younger than an older mate. 10% of those have a spouse who is five to nine years younger, and 5% of men marry a woman that is ten years or more younger.

Women on the other hand show opposite characteristics. Only 2% of women marrying men from the ages six to nine years younger and only a single percent have a spouse that is more than a decade younger.

Remarriages show they are contain larger age gaps

Most of the time men who marry again tend to go for younger women. 57% of men linked in holy matrimony with women about their age: 20% of men select women who are a decade or younger than themselves, and 18% of those choose mates six to nine year’s difference than themselves. In the exact study, females have shown evidence of being with an older spouse 11% of the duration

Will the difference in your ages work for you?

Many relationships with age differences are no longer uncommon or unusual. These relationships present many different challenges. Is there a way to determine what age group is a problem for you? Is the gap between you two of you? Does age factor in? Here are some issues that show themselves when involved in various age dating.

  1. How much alike are you with your partner?

Odds are being similar to your partner produces comfort and satisfaction in longer relationships. Age has the capability of just being an integer.

  1. Do you have the same relationship time frame?

Often when we consider marriage, often that next level step will come up. Having a compromise and a discussion about future goals, hopes and plan will help you could be very helpful when you both are ready to take that next step.

  1. Does your Family and Friends support your relationship?

People that tend to have an age-gap in their relationships tend to experience disapproval more than couples who share the same age. This can create hardship for the couple. If a couple is unapproved by their peers they will likely seem less committed. So in more or less words, having family and friends that support you could be really useful in relationships that have bigger age differences.

  1. Kids?

This question is no stranger to different age difference couples, but having a huge gap between two people make it a bit more challenging. Being in your twenties or thirties parenting can feel a lot different than parenting from your forties, fifties, or even sixties. It also will help if partners are on the same page when parenthood is in their future or not.

All sorts of things are a factor when you both determine if your relationship is a good one or worth making it last. Age difference will not likely define your relationship, but it can be a dimension to it. Americans tend to linger towards love, companionship, commitment as the most important reasons to marry someone and none of these have much to do with age.

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