There has been a point in all of our lives when our bank accounts dwindle on the edge of being broke.  Whether you just paid your bills, going through a job change, or maybe you just aren’t working right now, sometimes the money just isn’t there.  Even when you may make your money through a hustle, a steady job, or a part-time job; there are always opportunities to save money, no matter your budget.

It’s not always easy to have all your bills paid or be comfortable financially.  Sometimes you might even feel like a hermit or an awful friend or person because you can never go out with your friends when they invite you.  Everyone has their struggles with money.  It takes effort and patience to figure out how you can save.

Make Payments to Yourself

Have you ever considered your savings as a bill that you owe?  Maybe it is time you start thinking that way.  Try to always pay yourself a certain amount, just like owing a bill.  Pay this bill before you pay anything else.

Easy Methods to Save Money

  1. New Fees and Rates

This can be a bit intimidating for people, who don’t like asking others for things, but this is important and it works.  Your business with others is valuable if you are a good customer.  You can call utility companies (if you have options) and ask if they’ll work with you on fees.  If they are unwilling to help you it is perfectly fine to threaten to go to a competitor that will work with you.  This in by no means being difficult or starting conflict with people. You’re just letting them know that you are willing to take your business elsewhere.

  1. Start Unplugging

Unplug the electronics in your home if you aren’t using them.  If something is plugged up it is using energy and making your bills go up.  Don’t be afraid to unplug your phone chargers, televisions, or etc.  You will start savings lots.

  1. Make List and Look for Rebates

We have all went grocery shopping intending to buy one or two items and leave, but by the time we check out we have a basket full.  I know I am guilty of this.  Make a list before you leave home and stick to it. Buy things in bulk to save money. My girlfriend taught me to download rebate apps on my phone so when I am shopping I can get money back on things I usually buy anyways.   It is basically free money.

  1. Keep A Balance of Your Bank Account

Balancing your bank account is an awesome way to know how much money you have.  Most of the time your bank will offer financial apps, but they aren’t always current.  If you aren’t sure how much you have you could end up paying crazy overdraft penalties.

  1. Enjoy others spending habits

I have a ton of friends who always have the nicest things and end up selling these things later or giving these things away.  They constantly change their wardrobe, and consistently forking out more money for new attire –  In with the new and out with the old.  Take advantage of this.  Don’t let your friends throw away these things.  Don’t be afraid to own used things.  It is money you won’t have to spend later.

  1. Pack Your Own Lunch

It is very easy to get caught up in the world of fast food.  Do you realize how much you spend per week on lunch for work?  It can be a huge awakening when you find out how much you are spending.   If you go out to eat 4 times in a week, try packing your lunches three times and see how much you save.

None of these things are that hard to accomplish and they are doable right now.  Start doing these things and you will notice you have money that you didn’t have before.

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