Each of us has engaged at least once in deep philosophical thoughts in some period of our lives. One day I found myself swimming in those oceans of deep thoughts too. Then I suddenly realized that every human action, thought and behavior is motivated towards achieving the feelings of happiness. We go to college, to have a degree, to find a job and to get the money because it is that money that can help us realize our dreams; and the moment we make them come true, it is our dreams that will make us experience the feeling of happiness. Even the will to attempt suicide is motivated to achieve happiness. Because the person could not have found it in the real world and may hope to reach it in another world. We become addicted to alcohol, drugs, people that we find the feelings of pleasure. The human behavior is driven, motivated to achieve happiness. This has become the basis of our lives. Therefore, we decided to help, contribute a little bit and give you tips regarding your happiness:

  1. Travel or at least put it in your ‘To Do List’

Traveling, going for a vacation or at least dreaming about it can make you feel happier. Research also agrees with this concluding that “the vacationers reported a higher degree of pre-trip happiness, compared to non-vacationers, possibly because they are anticipating their holiday”. So find your dream place, and make it a goal. Whenever you feel upset, remind yourself your dream country and dream of the moment you will go there. Or travel to different countries, meet different cultures, see beautiful places to enhance your happiness.

  1. Remind yourself the things you are grateful for in life.

For example, take a small paper and a pen and write down the list of the things you are grateful for in life.Then, put the list in your wallet. Whenever you want to boost your happiness or feel upset, take out the list and read it. This strategy is used by most of the people and it really works. Remind yourself the things you are grateful in life, focus on the positive.

  1. Pray/Meditate.

Connecting to a higher superpower -whether it is the God or the universe – will help you become more relaxed and happier. Meditation connects you with your inner self, it makes you stay present, in the moment and clears your mind from the negative thoughts. Praying, on the other hand, is very beneficial for one’s happiness because the individual completely opens herself to a higher superpower, by sharing all of their experiences and secrets; and this makes one feel happier.

  1. Help others.

Each of us seeks for happiness in material things, but they never provide permanent feelings of happiness. Working for others’ happiness will enhance yours. If you put effort to make another person happy, you will become happy too. If you have ever had experience with volunteering, you know what I am talking about.

  1. Go into nature.

Make this as a routine. Give yourself a time every day or at least once a week to go for a walk in a forest. Breath the fresh air and listen to the silence. Get in touch with yourself. Leave all the stress out. This will not only make you happier but also will make you concentrate, perform better in your future tasks.

  1. Connect with people.

Be more socially active. Spending time with people you find yourself close with, such as your family or friends, has been associated with positive feelings. Go out for a coffee with your friends, allow more time to your family, connect with different people, share your experiences.

  1. Do not sleep less than 7 hours.

Regular sleep is very important and is linked to the emotions we will experience for the rest of the day. Scientists suggest for adults to sleep at least 8 hours in order to perform better during the day. Having enough sleep will also make you more energized and motivated. Not sleeping enough, in contrast, is linked to the experience of negative emotions and low performance on tasks.

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