Being the smartest one in the room is not always that easy. Sometimes we may even find an intelligent person wishing they would be dumber. Besides their benefits, intelligence brings up struggles by itself. Only smart people relate to what I am talking about and what is described below:

  1. Ordinary talks make you feel tired.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average mind discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

This is the most logical reason of why intelligent people mostly are not socialized. They do not enjoy talking about cars, money or other material things. They absolutely are not interested in talking about people and hate gossiping. A smart person likes to talk about the areas they are interested in; whether it is science, philosophy or arts. Ordinary discussions make them feel tired and cause them to stay away from those kinds of people.

2. Falling in love is difficult for you

An intelligent person has emotions as well, but their reason and logic always is one step above and this causes a struggle in falling in love. At the same time, smart people are not only attracted to the physical look but to the wisdom, knowledge and the intelligence of the other person possesses, that is very rare to find them nowadays. They need time to spend with the person, to get to know them, talk to them, share ideas in order to finally fall in love. They look at personality, and they are not interested in physical appearance.

3. You have difficulties with fitting in

Not most of the population on earth are smart people, that’s why probably the most uncomfortable struggle an intelligent person faces is the difficulty of fitting in. A smart people thinks outside of the box, usually have different ideas, perspective, and viewpoint from the rest of the society; and this causes them a problem with confronting to the others. This is just another reason of why they are not very socially active because their difference is not always welcomed.

4. You think too much but say too little.

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

An Intelligent person is usually the quietest one in the room. Realizing that this person is smartest one is also difficult in this case. They constantly observe everything in details, over-think, but do not like to talk much about their thoughts. They know the time when and how they should act and what they should say. If you relate to this, there is a great probability that you are also an intelligent person.

5. You get easily bored

This might be seen as a disadvantage by most of the smart people. They easily get bored with everything, whether it is their work, meeting with a friend or from any task they should do. They need constant change in their lives; and the thing is if they are bored they will give up from it, no matter what it is. They are independent and do not care until they will achieve their happiness.

6. You like to be in touch with yourself and not want to see others

Smart people always find a time for themselves. If you are an intelligent person, you know the feelings of pleasure, relaxation, and happiness behind sitting in a quiet place alone, doing the activities such as reading a book- only by yourself. Intelligent people appreciate themselves, they engage in self-talks, discussing ideas inside of their minds by themselves. There are moments when they will suddenly disappear from the group and this might be considered as weird by the other people. But who cares?

7.People think you know anything

Most people confuse the words of intelligence and intellectual. Not every intelligent person is intellectual, some of the intelligent people may not have enough knowledge, neither are interested it. There are people who believe intelligent individuals must know anything and based on this belief they constantly ask questions if the person does not have any answer they look like the person should be blamed. However, the fact is that no human being can know anything including intelligent people.

What about you? If you consider yourself as an intelligent person, which struggle do you find most difficult to deal with?

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