Would you believe me if I told you that it is possible for you to make your dreams come true?

There are many people who would not believe in this. These people put everything in a chance in their life and their life becomes out of control. However, everything that happens in your life is attracted by you. Everything is a result of your decisions and thoughts. The law of attraction states that you are basically responsible for all the circumstances – good or bad – of your life and you attract them. There is also quantum physics behind the law of attraction that most of the people do not understand and instead try to ignore it, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot work for our benefit.

Think yourself as a big magnet.


To understand the law of attraction better, think yourself as you are a big magnet attracting things, and as everything else in the world is an object. As a magnet, it is up to you from which objects you will stay away from or you will be close to and attract them. You have to be careful on this. It is your thoughts that attract. It depends on you whether you decide to think positively and attract positivity and happiness in your life or the opposite.

LOA can work both positively and negatively.


When most people hear the word law of attraction, they think it as it only works for positivity; that is not true. Law of attraction can work both in a positive way or in a negative way. Whatever you think about, whatever your mood is, you send signals to the universe and they come back to your life experiences just like a big circle. In order to have positive consequences in your life, you have to change your perspective.

Change your perspective.


We were always been told that what we do comes back to us. Now when it comes back to us, we probably want to be positive, in order to have better consequences. You  must believe in the power of the universe and must do positive things. However, in order to do positive things you have to shift your perspective to positivity. It may seem difficult, but actually is very simple. Whatever happens in your life, focus on the things you are grateful for. If someone does something bad to you, try turn it positively to them.

Use law of attraction to your advantage.


Your inner self – your thoughts, desires and actions – send signals to the universe. The law of attraction takes these signals and later on influences your life. The problem is sometimes we project signals without being aware that we are doing so, that’s why it is important to connect with ourselves, to communicate, understand ourselves. Thus to have the ability to control our own thoughts and emotions that will influence the way we behave and the whole universe. It is up to us whether we decide to use the law of attraction to our advantage – to bring positivity in our lives – or not. For instance, by simply saying positive statements or writing down them as you send a wish to the universe can also work and return to you as a law of attraction.



We often discuss the benefits of meditation related to reduced stress and increased energy; however, it also has benefits when it comes to law of attraction. Meditation allows us to turn off the world button and to be in touch with ourselves. As we connect with our inner mind, now everything makes more sense. Meditation is beneficial in law of attraction because it helps us to redirect  thought process from negative state to the positive.


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