Human beings inherently differ from one another and this makes understanding an individual much more difficult. So. how can we know with whom should we maintain our relationships and from whom should we stay away from? Although we put different masks on our faces while presenting ourselves to the others in everyday life, we cannot avoid expressing some tiny but important tips of our personality. People give us many information about themselves without  being aware of it, by expressing small behaviors. All we have to do is to observe these small things, but what are these small things? In order to be able to understand people better, we prepared these small things that can tell you a lot about a person:

1. The usage of the letter “I”

If a person uses the letter of  “I” a lot, there is a high possibility that the person is narcissist. Narcissists always like to talk about themselves, their accomplishments, success, beautiness etc. These people see themselves as the best, superior, and do not care about the feelings and thoughts of the other person but only value their own’s.

2. How they treat wait staff.

People who are rude to wait staff judge the wait staff’s job and see them as inferior and themselves as superior. People who treat waitstaff good, however, see everyone equal and believe every person deserves to be treated in the same way regardless their situation.

3. Eye contact.

While speaking to another person, follow their eyes. Look inside of their eyes. Are they making eye contact? Or are they avoiding to make eye contact and instead wander their eyes around? Shy people and introverts mostly have difficulties in making eye contact, in fact, they feel uncomfortable. However, if a person always is okay to make eye contact, but in a particular conversation they avoid it, be careful, it can be a sign of lying.

4. When they are drunk.

Most of the people present themselves best when they are drunk. They put off all the masks and finally be themselves. Maybe that’s why most of  the people like to be drunk, because we feel tired of presenting ourselves as someone different, and being drunk, being the real ourselves, relaxes us.

5. Ask them questions.

If you want to discover a person, you can ask some simple but meaningful questions that can derive individual’s personality. Questions like – ‘What is a perfect day  like for you?’ ‘Would you like to become famous? If so, in which field?’ ‘What are you most grateful for in life?’ – can bring up many aspects about the person’s characteristics.

6. Driving.

The way a person drives can say a lot about their personality. Fast drivers are usually extroverted people; they are more like to be socially active, are communicative, sensation-seekers. On the other hand, people who drive very carefully, who put more effort and attention tend to be introverted, or a perfectionist. These people may also have some anxiety problems.

7. Body Language.

Perhaps body language is the most powerful tool to understand an individual’s personality because in most cases it is uncontrollable. Whether a person uses too much their hands, the way they sit, their gestures, and especially facial expressions can say a lot about what the person really means, or if they actually tell the truth or lie.

8. Social Media.

Social media platforms are another source of information about an individual’s personality. Whether the individual puts a lot of their body’s photos, their locations, their food, clothes etc. or even if the individual does not use it much. All of these reveals a lot of person’s characteristics and traits. So if you want to know a person, stalk their profile!


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