Since people carry more than one mask with themselves while presenting themselves to the others, it is no longer easy for none of us to decide with whom should we stay as friends and from whom should we stay away from.  People are not presenting themselves as they really are; thus, we are having troubles to know with whom should we stop communicating and with whom should we maintain our relationship. However, consciously or not, people always give us some tips related to this issue. By following these tips, we can decide if the individual can stay or not in our lives. Here are the characteristics of people you should stay away from:


> People who always want to be proven ‘right’


“ The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” – Charles Bukowski


You should remove people from your life who whenever engage in a discussion, she thinks she is always the right one. Those people see themselves as superior and as the smartest one in the group, even if it is not usually  the case. In such cases, sometimes they might be annoyed if someone else is smarter than them, and will start to use offensive words in order to make the smarter ones seem inferior. These people do anything in order to go to the top, to convince people that they are the right one.

> People who want to control others.


People who do not let you to be yourself when you are around them are toxic people. They have the desire to control your feelings and actions without letting you be aware of it. When you find yourself doing things you wouldn’t do alone but you do it whenever the person asks you to do, then it means it is the time to remove this person from your life.

> Pessimists.


Pessimists always look at the empty side of the glass. There is a saying: “You become the person you hang out with” It is the same if you hang out with pessimists. They absorbe the good energy you have and invite you to become a pessimist too. They complaint about anything, are always negative, put people in suspicion, and put negative thoughts inside of other peoples’ minds.

> People who are self-centered.


People who are self-centered never want to lose. They are not open to any disappointment, don’t bother to take the time to understand another person’s point of view or emotions, and will do anything – including hurting the other person – in order to achieve their goal; because there is nothing important over there than themselves. If you know any person that is self-centered, stay away from him.

> Attention seekers.


People who want to be the focus point, want to take attention and want to be loved by everyone else can sometimes be dangerous. They can do anything – such as disrupting your relationship between you and your other friends – in order the interest to be on them.

> Competitors.


Whenever you go to have fun, you find yourself as being in a competition with this person. Your clothes, success, career, everything becomes suddenly inside of a competition state. You should avoid being with such people because you will never enjoy doing things. Good people like to improve each other, they do not want to be in a race.

> People who cannot keep secrets.


Trust is one of the most important tool that connects you with the other person in a relationship. Without trust there is no honesty. You can never be comfortable  to engage in a conversation with people who cannot keep secrets. People who cannot keep secrets are not reliable, It is better to stay away from them.


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