Stop being so negative!” I be you’ve heard this a time or two, haven’t you? This is a natural response from a friend when they notice your being negative rather than positive about a given situation. It’s a normal response. You may have lost your job or struggling to lose weight, and the stress may have you down, speaking all sorts of debilitating things over your situation. This is why your friend is trying to cheer you up!

But what if you’re almost always negative, not just in phases, but every single day? Does every word from your mouth seem laced with a depressing connotation? Maybe you have depression, and you just haven’t been diagnosed properly, or maybe you’re trapped.

Maybe your mind has been taken over by a negative energy. It’s possible

There are a few ways to figure out if you’ve been trapped in a negative state of mind. A negative mindset is something that rarely changes. No matter what the conversation is about, you will respond with the worse-case scenario. Know anyone like this? I know I do. Here’s a few ways to tell if you live a “negative” life.

  1. You will know if you have a negative mindset, when you’re turning to substances as a way to escape reality. Indulging in drugs in alcohol will not fix anything that could be wrong with your life, but you insist on medicating with these things none-the-less, all the while bombarding friends with negative talk.
  2. Someone could give you a million dollars and you still won’t be happy. Truly negative people refuse to see the good aspects of life, even if it’s looking them right in the face. No matter what it is, you will find a way to turn it into a negative situation. You will refuse to be thankful about anything.
  3. If you realize that you’re suffering from victim mentality, then you might also be suffering from a perpetually negative attitude. All the forces of evil may be lining up to attack your mind. You will blame others, and you won’t trust a thing they say or do. Beware, if you start to notice these signs, you could be covered in a mental dark cloud.
  4. You could be a victim of a negative mindset, if you find yourself pulling away from all forms of positive spirituality. Faith is one thing that negative people just can’t grasp. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to put their trust in positive outcomes, and any form of spiritual guidance will be useless.
  5. If you start to withdraw from friends and family, you could be slipping into a negative frame of mind. Now remember, there is a distinction between having a negative mind and having depression. Depression affects the body and mind, while being negative is a result of permanent temperament caused by a choice to give up. One of the first signs that you are becoming a truly negative person is when you choose to isolate yourself.

We must stop this progression. A negative mindset could spiral into mental illness

Although depression and being negative are two different things, one can be caused by the other. If you think negative for long enough, you will begin to live this lifestyle all the time. You will start to feel the toll of this darkness upon your body and will be unable to change the course of this bad energy. After depression sets in, you will be dealing with a whole new problem.

Keep these signs in mind and learn to recognize when you are slipping into darkness. With a little practice, you can keep your feet on higher ground. Take care!

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