Recently, a new debate arose in the world of science. A scientist came up with a claim that death was not real, but that it was an illusion produced by our consciousness.

According to this theory, life does not end when the body is dead, but it continues forever.

Scientist Robert Lanza of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine says in his book “Biocentrism” that death is an illusion produced by our consciousness. Dr. Lanza was a member of the team of scientists who copied the world’s first early-period human embryos. In September 2011, Lanza received approval from the UK Drug and Health Products Regulatory Authority to begin the first human embryonic stem cell trial in Europe.

Professor Lanza obtained public fame after the publication of his book based on the concepts of quantum physics and his hypothesis.

According to this theory, there are many reality dimensions supported by different levels of consciousness. So death is just a thought that we have in our minds. Because, if there is no time or space,  death cannot be mentioned.

This theory was mentioned earlier by Einstein.

Lanza’s website explains how death is not the case in a timeless and distant world. This theory was also mentioned earlier by Einstein.

Professor Lanza, as it is known, says that the concept of death is not real because there are no real boundaries to be defined. Human learns to accept the idea of dying, but this is only created in our minds.

Whatever you believe in, you create it.

This idea basically is similar to the idea of a parallel universe. According to the hypothesis of many physicists’, there is an infinite number of dimensions of human beings and living things. So if someone, throughout their lives, believes that there is death, they will create it based on that belief.

In contrast, if someone believes that they are part of immortality, they will continue to live even after physical death, just in a different way than they used to be.

Do you believe in death?

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