Although humans are supposed to act like the most highly developed creatures on earth and one of the smartest spices, we still remain as the worst thing that happened to this planet. And even if we treat ourselves as perfect and invincible, we must admit that humans are not well-equipped for this planet’s environment. For example, we’re sensitive to sunlight, we refuse to eat healthily, a large percent of the human population has an uncurable disease and more.

Sumerian city of Kish was the place where the tablet of Kish – one of the oldest ancient documents on earth was found. Kish is today’s modern Tell al-Uhaymir in Iraq. It’s believed that the document found there date back to the year 3500 BC and represented the absence of central authority in the city at the time. Allegedly, the document was written hundred years before the Egyptian hieroglyphs and the cuneiform of the Summarians. Expressing the thoughts by writing was one of the first moves that humans made to separate from the animal world.

Five thousand years after, people discovered electricity, atoms, created computers and land a man on the moon. In other words, humans achieved more than other spices. No other creature has the unique ability to create all these things that fast. And what’s most interesting of all is that our ‘evolution’ on this planet happened much faster than the evolution of any other creature.

After a few million years since the first hominid was found, we started walking on earth. And there’s an unavoidable and mysterious question that no one can answer: Why were humans the luckiest of all to experience the advanced technological intelligence?

Allegedly, there’s no other creature that’s more advanced than us on earth. And although there are other smart spices on earth, no one can use technology like us. Can you imagine what would happen if mankind returns to the jungle and tries to survive alone without technology? Many scientists agree that we wouldn’t survive long under that kind of circumstances. Although we’re intelligent, we’re not very capable to survive and take over environments.

Speaking of our intelligence, biologists have discovered that we are born incapable and helpless to survive alone. For example, when a baby horse is born – it can walk and function independently but when humans are born they can’t do anything. This shows that although we’re more intelligent than other creatures, we have our shortcomings and vulnerabilities that animals don’t have. We became bipeds in order to create tools, manipulate objects and survive by using our superior extremities. However, we had to pay a high price in order to become what we’re today. What does this mean?

According to an expert, Dr, Ellis Silver, we are the aliens we’re searching for this entire time. Dr. Silver even wrote a book explaining why humans didn’t evolve alongside with other lifeforms on this planet. His book contains theories against human’s evolution on the planet. As we mentioned at the beginning, we’re supposed to act like the most advanced and perfectly created spices on earth, however, we’re still prone to chronic diseases and sensitive to sunlight.

According to Dr. Silver, even our back pain is a consequence of our evolution on another world with a lower gravity. Even the babies’ heads are unnaturally large which makes it harder for females to give birth and sometimes have fatal consequences for both, the mother and the baby. According to him, no other native creature on earth has a similar problem. Aside from the birth shortcoming, Dr. Silver states that we’re all ill and we all suffer from some disorder or condition.

His assumptions lead to the conclusion that mankind didn’t develop on earth but evolved somewhere else and was transported to this planet 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.

Why Rh negative blood exists and where did it come from, is just one of the many questions that science can’t answer. Why if a mother is Rh negative and carries a Rh positive baby, her body rejects the baby?

There are assumptions that highly advanced creatures lived on earth before us, and were destroyed by a natural catastrophe. All of this makes sense, however, we will never know anything for sure.

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