Animals have feelings as people and can certainly feel pain. And that’s a fact that some of us can’t ignore although many people tend to ignore it in order to feel better. Eating animals is bad, not for animals but also for our health. Besides the many stories you hear about vegans being ill or face health issue, deep inside you know those stories are just fictional stories that people tell in order to justify their diet consist of meat and other products that contain animal ingredients.

We know that we don’t have the right to tell people what to eat because what we put in our stomach is our choice and a part of our privacy, however, what we can do for you is to mention the 6 main reasons why becoming a vegan is the best decision you can ever make. I am a vegan for almost two years and I can tell you that being a vegan is the best experience ever.

  1. Cleaning your body from toxins

By becoming a vegan you commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. And by a healthy lifestyle, I mean healthy food. Consuming vegetables, fruits, seeds and everything that doesn’t contain animal ingredients will become a part of your everyday routine and clean all the toxins from your body gained by consuming unhealthy food such as meat or milk products. By consuming healthy drinks made of fruits and vegetables, you allow your organism to regenerate and remain healthy.

  1. All problems with your stomach are gone

I personally had problems with my stomach and after I became vegan all of those problems were gone and I feel better than ever. Our organism wasn’t created in order to proceed milk products and that’s why we may face stomach problems after consuming milk products. However, once we quit consuming them, all of our stomach problems will be gone forever.

  1. You become more open-minded

After becoming vegan, I came to realize that every life has worth and every alive creature on this planet has the right to live. Aside from that, I realized that every person will come up with an excuse for eating animals, which means that most people are close-minded or tend to be close-minded in order feel better. We all know that animals are not for eating but some of us eat them anyway saying: ‘It’s the circle of life’. The circle of life works in the animal kingdom and shouldn’t work in civilized society. Animals don’t have the ability to find another way to survive and change their diet but we do. We have a conscience but don’t use it very often.

  1. You can cure some of the worst diseases by becoming vegan

I believe that every disease we gain comes from our diet and not taking enough care of our body and mind. Many people have claimed that their disease or illness was cured after becoming vegan. Are you suffering from a disease? Why don’t you try vegan and start living a new healthy life? You can’t lose anything except for your disease or illness.

  1. You will lose weight

People often complain they can’t lose weight and don’t do anything about it. Complaining and eating unhealthy food is not a good strategy for losing weight. Becoming a vegan is because after I started eating healthy, I lost over 10 kilos and I finally feel good in my own skin.

  1. You share a meaningful message

By becoming vegan you share a meaningful message that says: ‘EVERY LIFE MATTERS’ and the more vegans there are, the better this world will become.

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