As you may have heard by now, stress is the most common basis of many diseases and medical conditions. However, scientists say that stress doesn’t actually exist but remains as a product of our thoughts and feelings, as well as the everyday situations and people we’re facing. In other words, stress is a nonexistent condition we keep forming in our mind and endanger our health without stopping our negative emotions to overwhelm our spirit.

According to Japanese, who are considered as masters of relaxation and calmness, stress, as well as other emotions can be controlled by our fingers. Apparently, Japanese experts came up with an efficient and easy technique which includes our fingers and can help us overcome every negative emotion we are feeling in the moment, in less than 5 minutes.

We know that you can not wait to hear about the rules of the self-relaxation technique, however, we must first teach you about your fingers power over your feelings or attitude. Keep reading and find out which finger control a certain emotion.

  1. Thumb – controls and combat emotions like anxiety, worry, emotional pain, tears.
  2. Index – can help you defeat fear and terror.
  3. Middle – believe it or not, the middle finger which we often use to show people our anger can actually control anger, rage, and resentment. Have you ever wondered why are you raising your middle finger when you want to expose your discomfort and anger?
  4. Ring – apparently, the fighter that can help you fight depression, preoccupation, and sadness is the one we chose to wear our wedding rings on.
  5. Pinky – who would have imagined that the smallest of all fingers can control our anxiety, fight victimhood and boost our self-confidence and optimism?

Although you imagined something complicated with using needles or some other extreme practice, the self-relaxation method is quite simple and easy. Just follow the example we provided on the photo and grasp one of your fingers with the opposite hand – the one you find needed to harmonize the life energy in your body. Wrap all the fingers from the opposite hand on the finger you chose and hold it like that for 1 to 2 minutes. You will notice that the method is functioning once you feel an acceleration of the pulse.

In order to calm your mind, take your thumb and apply a soft pressure in the center of the other hand’s palm and stay like that for 1 or 2 minutes and try not to think of anything.

Many people doubt the efficiency of this method, however, with a little research we discovered that fingers are really connected to our emotions. Apparently, massaging the spots which are connected to our emotions and physical pain can calm us down. Once we do this, we won’t have to deal with diseases or other health issues created on the base of our emotional state. We are sure you have heard by now, that our mind is mostly responsible for our health conditions, whether good or bad. And what do you think? Who creates the emotions? We have the answer: our brain because everything we feel must be accepted by our brain first, which leads to the conclusion that if we stop our emotions to create more serious health issues, we won’t be dealing with diseases after. You don’t lose anything with applying this technique every day, except your negative emotions. With practicing this finger-yoga on a daily basis, re-establishing your inner balance, peace and controlling your emotions is inevitable.