Today while we give first impressions on people, we rely on their outlooks. But the surface of an iceberg does not tell us whether the beneath is the same as on the top or not. We live in a world where most of the time do not get accepted for their desired jobs, or from their environment, just because they are not good looking enough, or because of their different racial backgrounds. Can you imagine how much would their self-esteem and self-confidence be impacted? But what is beauty? Who gave us the idea that a white skinny girl is a great representation of s perfect beauty?

Camerol Russell is a famous and one of the bravest models that pointed on this topic, telling the truth that it is never only about the looks. To be a model, does not mean that they live a happy, peaceful life. Behind of their perfect look, many models, in fact, suffer from anorexia or other health and mental disorders. We have to learn how to accept ourselves, and the others, just as who they are, without judging their physical appearance. It is never easy to break these barriers that the media, our textbooks and the toys we have been playing as children have put on their unconsciousness. But neither it is impossible.