Although most of the human population prefers to party, get married, have children, go on family vacations, aim for the usual goals of society, act ‘normal’ even when they don’t feel like it, there are people who follow their own instincts and wishes, instead of other people’s steps and opinions.

People who live by their own rules are usually called ‘loners’ or ‘black ships’. However, being a loner doesn’t mean being anti-social and narcissistic but independent of the presence of other people.

Unlike ordinary people who are obsessed with relationships, friendships, gossip or some other usual modern amusement, loners are mainly obsessed with themselves and their peace. Are you in doubt whether you’re a loner or not? Keep reading and find out by recognizing the 7 signs that you might be.

  1. You enjoy your own company more than the company of people

Are you more comfortable being alone than being surrounded by people, no matter if they remain as your close relatives or friends? If yes, then this is the first sign indicating that you might be a loner.

Although many people like to hang around with others when they feel bad or share their happiness when they feel good, you on the opposite want to overcome your bad periods alone and be happy without the world knowing that you’re happy because you know that sometimes, happiness lasts longer that way.

  1. You like to drink your coffee alone or go to the cinema by yourself

Although many people drink their morning coffee together with their friends, family or co-workers, you prefer drinking it alone and organize your thoughts for the following day. Even going to the cinema alone or having a drink at the bar all by yourself gives you more pleasure than doing this thing with people.

  1. Obligations-free weekends are your favorite

Loners are known by ‘hating’ obligations because they stop them from dedicating their spare time on themselves. Obligations-free weekends are their favorites. Yours too? If yes, congratulations, because that’s the third sign that you may be a loner.

  1. You prefer freelance work

Working from 8 to 5 while surrounded by people are the main nightmare of a loner. You can easily recognize loners by their passion for freelance work. Although they are able to work in teams, working alone increases the quality of their work and brings out the best of them, which means that if you’re better at working alone and prefer a freelance work instead of a regular office job, then you’re probably a loner.

  1. You travel alone

Unlike ordinary people who can’t imagine traveling alone in places they’re not familiar with, loners are ENJOYING traveling alone and discovering new things. Although some may think that experiencing a great time while travel requires the company, loners will strongly disagree on that. Are you enjoying a good trip alone? You’re on a good way of confirming that you are a loner with a capital ‘L’.

  1. Your life goals are more specific than the usual goals of ordinary people

Your friends and relatives are getting married, have children, plan their family vacations and all you can think of is how to achieve your dreams and upgrade your knowledge or life experience? You’re probably a loner who’s going to become a successful person. Keep fighting for your dreams and specific goals.

  1. You enjoy talking to yourself

Everyone’s turning heads when they pass you by because you’re an attention draw with your self-talking? Loners prefer talking to themselves more than talking with others because they think that talking to a smart and good person from time to time can be more useful than gossiping and doing ‘small talks’.

Are you enjoying a good talk at loud with your own thoughts? Last sign that indicates you’re a loner. However, don’t worry because you’re not the only one. There are plenty of people out there who prefer loneliness and share your lifestyle, as well as specific taste in doing things.


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