Have you ever wondered about the “benefits of being an emotionless person?” If yes, you’re in the right spot! More or less, all of us have at least one person in our lives that we think they are ’emotionless.’ Maybe that person is you! You might be an “unemotional person” who is careless about the things happening around you.

Because some people really can be deprived of certain emotions such as happiness or sadness. This can be either caused by some damage in individual’s brain or can be a result of some psychological discomfort. Aside from this general information, all of us have dreamt of being emotionless in some periods of our lives. Those hurting feelings after relationship breakdowns, sudden uncontrollable irritations have had an impact and still are influencing our psychology as well as our behavior towards the external world. On account of this, sometimes we have even envied people who lack emotions. We are right in this regard because losing all of our emotions probably have more benefits than having disadvantages in our lives and perhaps it would be the most liberating feeling.

1. An emotionless person is always very calm and relaxed.

emotionless, careless, relaxed person

Image: Pexels

We all know that cool look of an emotionless person. No matter the situation, these people’s emotions are not being affected at all. Does your boss yell and scream at you? You just broke up with your girlfriend? Have you got many debts? – No problem! If we would lose all of our emotions, problems such these would make no sense to us, there would be not a single change in our reaction, we would always keep our calmness.

2. If someone insults or bullies you, you know how (not) to react.

depressed unfeeling person

Image: Pixabay

When someone insults or bullies you, you can just raise one eyebrow or have that cold look that the person cannot dare to speak once more. Furthermore, after such cases, you would probably carry on with your usual activities without being trapped in your thoughts about what happened before.

3. Unfeeling people don’t fall in love.

Image: Pixabay

How can an emotionless person fall in love, experience all of those complicated feelings? Of course, he can’t. What a liberating feeling, right? Not falling in love equals to less drama in life. Consequently, more logical, rational decisions comes up.

4. Phobias are no longer there.

Image: Pexels

Losing all of our emotions besides including emotions of sadness and anger, it also involves the loss of the emotion of fear. We would no longer have the fear of dark rooms, snakes, insects, driving cars, swimming and so on. We would live our lives independent from all kind of fears.

5. Emotionless people would not care about what happens in the external world.

Emotionless person, careless person

Image: Pexels

Whether there is an economic crisis, an alarm of upcoming war, if your family member is going to die, if you could not pass the exams, even if the end of the world is coming none of these would have a  meaning to us, we would not care about anything at all.

6. An unemotional person would become rich.

emotionless person can reach money

Image: Pixabay

Yes, the most money saving jobs requires a person to be emotionless. Look at the CEOs, lawyers, surgeons, police officers and especially the leaders –for example, Hitler- Isn’t it what makes them most successful their lack of emotions? If we would lose all of our emotions we would probably be successful and rich.

Besides all the benefits above, you would become more self-confident, your self-esteem would increase, you would not be afraid of taking risks, you would think rationally, you would not get embarrassed,  you would never take things personally or become jealous or envious and you would probably become very persuasive. I think we have right to envy an emotionless person, but keep in mind if you or someone you know are totally emotionless you are either a sociopath or psychopath. Be careful on that! 🙂

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