If you are homophobic and you are here reading this, I would really like to congratulate and thank you for taking step to become more open-minded and to question yourself. There are such homophobes that completely have closed themselves to different way of ideas, and have convinced themselves that their own ideas is exactly the right ones. However, the world and the human existence are such complicated creatures that it is not even enough to become the best scientist, or the best philosopher  in order to understand the facts behind ‘what is right and what is wrong’. Just as Nietzsche has said, one of his quotes that really made me think about it:

 “There are no facts. Only interpretations.” – Nietzche

Hence, the individual should always be open to different ways of thinking without judging them, and should always question their own ideas.

Just as I can understand homosexuals, of course I can understand homophobes too. For some homophobes, actually to be homophobic is not their choice, it is something either coming from the family, environment/surrounding of the individual or religious beliefs that influence the individual’s ideas and behaviors toward homosexual people. But questioning can be our choice. Questioning is up to us. Every individual can question their own ideas, and has the capacity to understand the opposite person. Therefore, to contribute at least little bit to the world becoming a better place, we prepared the five important things you should do if you are homophobic:

  1. Question yourself

Ask yourself the reason you are homophobic; what is the underlying cause of it? Is it your family, surrounding, education or your religious beliefs? Take a look at your past, this absolutely should have a reason behind it. If you cannot find the reason and you just think it is  ‘gross’, ask the question until you get the answer. Think about it. Sometimes things get into our subconsciousness without us being aware of it, and to be aware of it may require some effort.

2.  Be empathetic

Many homosexual individuals attempt to suicide because they are having problems with confronting to the society. The society is not willing to accept them, they are being socially disapproved and being accepted by the society is one of the core factor for our psychological well-being. When homosexual individuals are being rejected by the others, they are being deprived of the sense of belongingness, thus they may enter into the crisis, consequently attempt suicide. I believe if you have emotions, it may not be difficult for you to understand the feelings of homosexual people.

3.  Be open-minded

No two individuals can ever be exactly the same. Everyone has different opinions, every being is different. An intelligent person should welcome any new idea that is in contrast to them, we as humans are intelligent right? We have the capacity to understand.  Just as there are different races, languages, nationalities and genders; there are different sexual orientations too. If you are homophobic, you should start to welcome different ideas in your mind-area and to think independently outside of your own perspective.

5. Talk to a friend

If you have a friend that finds people attractive that share his same gender or sex, and you are against this sexual orientation, try to talk to him about this. Tell about your ideas, and he will start telling his story. It is very influential if one has a homosexual friend because they impact on the homophobic individual’s improved open-mindedness and empathy regarding this situation. The homophobic people consequently start understanding, supporting, standing-up  for them. If you do not have homosexual friend and you are homophobic, then try to ask for advice for a more open-minded friend of yours.

Note: You should observe yourself while doing the suggestions above. Be aware that sometimes it may take time fulfilling them; you can find yourself being trapped in those homophobic thoughts again, but challenge yourself until you reach your goal.

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