They are honest with what they don’t know.

“All I know is that I know nothing”. –Socrates

Probably one of the things that makes us most unattractive is acting like we know something when  we actually  do not. Neither intelligent people nor an intellectual person do know everything, no human being can. However, intelligent people do not hesitate to accept they do not know something. They feel comfortable to ask if they did not understand or grasp something clearly.



They experience mental health problems:

Unfortunately most of the intelligent –gifted- people are experiencing psychological problems at least once in their lives. Researcher found an association between genius people and mental disorders. Besides, most known intelligent people that contributed to the world inventions have been suffering from certain mental illnesses. Abraham Lincoln, for example, has been referred as “the most depressed person they’ve ever seen” by his friends, and according to them he has had mental health problems with depression. On the other hand, Vincent Van Gogh was suffering from bipolar disorder and depression, at the same time, Albert Einstein suffered from dyslexia. Regardless of their emotional and mental health problems, these people that we should take them as a role model did not give up, instead they stand out and kept being strong. If you are also intelligent and experiencing emotional or mental health problems, we suggest you to do the same. 🙂

They never judge anyone:

Judging someone relies on the stereotypes and a lack of knowledge. An intelligent person is aware of that ‘everybody makes sense’. They avoid judging and instead put themselves in another person’s position so that they can understand them. They believe behind every action of an individual there is a purpose, and they try to comprehend it without making any judgement.

They are open-minded:

If you feel like you have strange, different, weird thoughts in contrast to the majority, try to talk to an intelligent person. Intelligent people are open-minded, they welcome any new ideas, and are open to different way of thinking. If you tell about your ideas to an intelligent person, they will start to see things independently outside of their own perspective, trying to discover things they have been unaware of, thus respecting any novel idea.

They have a strange diet:

If a person finds delicious and likes to eat  strange meals in contrast to the majority group, or, always and at anytime prefers to eat  one kind of meal,  she might be an intelligent person, probably a genius. This includes, for instance, eating olives with a very sweet cake at the same time, or eating pudding in every meal.  Most of the intelligent people find it hard to conform to an ordinary person’s diet. They may prefer not to eat at all if they cannot reach their specific meals.

They are curious:

“I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Intelligence is nothing alone, it has to bring some curiosity with itself. Without curiosity, humans could not discover new things and there wouldn’t be people like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci or Plato. Intelligent people are curious about almost everything. This does not mean they are only curious in knowledge, but anything out there that picks up their interest. Curiosity is addictive for an intelligent person. They constantly ask questions –in real or in their minds- such as ‘what’ ‘why’ or ‘how’ and like to understand, research things deeply they find interesting.

They do not boast about themselves:

An intelligent person do not like to brag about their knowledge, abilities, competences, and intelligence; at the same time, they do not find it attractive when another person does. Because of this, you may even not notice their intelligence since they usually keep quite in such topics.




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