Every human being is different from one another and has other methods of accomplishing things in life. Similarly, how each man shows his affection for the woman he is in love with is different. Because of many societal controversies, many men hide away their feelings. But when a man does so for a particular woman, she is undoubtedly his life’s love.

The following are the 8 most visible actions which show when he has found the love of his life whom he can confide in and feel giddy about:

1. He is a good listener

Men behave like adolescent beings around the women they love. But when a man is in love with you, he will always listen to whatever you say, pay attention to the tiniest of details, and you will forever be the center of his attention. Actions speak louder than words; if he genuinely listens and comprehends them, you can see it through his daily activities or gestures.

2. He is always up for a fight with you

A relationship without a fight is not a relationship at all. An argument is a sign of a healthy relationship. He cares for you a lot, has spent a lot of time on you and loves you with all his heart. He needs to fight with you to understand where his relationship stands, detect the problems you both are having and eliminate them one by one for a better future.

3. He puts your needs before his

Most men make sacrifices for their loved ones. To the man who loves his woman, her happiness weighs more than the sacrifices he makes, even if it’s a big ones. He puts your needs before his. This shows how caring the man is and how much he loves her.

4. He will never stop retaining your love

Feelings are only sometimes mutual, and people might feel differently about each other. But if a man truly believes in his love and has faith in himself, he will never stop trying to retain that love, as it would be the worst pain ever if he did stop.

5. He will always encourage you to achieve more

If a man is really in love with a woman, he will never stop his beloved from achieving her goals and being happy in her life, as he would treat her achievements as his own. He will never be intimidated by your achievements and will always have faith in you even if the world does not.

6. He will always admire your beauty

To him, you would always be the prettiest girl in the world, even on bad days. Looks are secondary, and he fell in love with the person you are. 

7. He will treat your family and friends as if they were his own

If he is in love with you, he would also want to become a part of your family and friends. He would know very well how important they are to you and never create a situation where you would have to choose between them and him. He would meet with them occasionally, respect the position you are in and will contribute in any way possible.

8. He won’t be afraid to confide in you

Men are terrified to be laughed at by women. Every man has a vulnerable side and would only disclose it to the person he wants to spend his life with. If he is brave enough to do so in front of you, it shows how much he loves you and is a keeper.

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