Education system-students

Norway puts much effort into education, especially when it comes to teaching children. Not only the education, social developments are also within the scope of these concerns.


Norway is also among the countries trying to attract the best level of education. While doing these, they do not take different samples of puzzle parts and add them to their education systems, but they are building changes according to their geography, culture and economic conditions. This approach is at the forefront of the major causes that make their education system different than in other countries.

On the Norwegian borders, the state has brought many different approaches to the view of the child, and sometimes even the families were surprised.


When it is determined that any violence has been applied to the child within the family, the child can be given to the guardian family by the state, even if the violence is not physical.

Although this is a rare event, in recent years, some families have been transferred to foster families or centers by the state to have a better care of their children, considering that the material criteria have not been respected.

Aside from controversial issues, children begin to learn at almost two years of age by amusing themselves in state control.

The nautical sites are built near the sea, if possible, in natural areas, so that the activities continue at full speed! They are used to adapt to the tough conditions, but these difficulties are limited to nature only, and this also educates children.

As we all know, in Norwegian education system it is not possible to have exams and report cards until the 8th grade.

The reason for this practice is to ensure that what is to be taught to children is not just information and they want to keep competition away from the classroom environment.

Sports are also a part of the education.

Children’s education is said to have a high level of importance, and sports is a part of education. Especially with the advent of Scandinavian geography, the tendency towards winter sports is quite high. However, as children are trained in sports,  they are not familiar with the concept of ‘score’.

When there is not the concept of score and competition, the only motivation to children is ‘having a good time with friends’

This approach actually makes it possible for children to connect with sports at a young age. They are getting the roots of these non-competitive behaviors that will emerge positively when they are present in any sports field in the future, especially in professional areas.

We see that every step taken in education is not just about the education, but it is shaping the whole future. We hope that other countries in the world will take this system as an example, too.