Dopamine is a hormone secreted in the brain and is responsible for happiness. Both deficiency and excess of dopamine can cause serious problems in the body. Dopamine deficiency leads to very serious disruption in movement, memory, comprehension, learning, emotional state and sleep. It is quite easy to raise our dopamine levels by natural means. We can make it easier by starting the day with activities that will raise our dopamine levels in the morning.

1.Set your alarm 10-20 minutes earlier than you have to.

Thus, you will not have to get out from a bed immediately with a sense of a sleep with you. And You can enjoy your bed for a short period of time, without exaggeration. This will allow you to get your resting on the bed. So when you get out from your bed, will not be able to blank out every other person for 10 minutes.

2. Stretch your muscles as soon as you wake up.

Stretching will speed up your blood circulation, so it will both be easier to breathe and you will be able to move more evenly throughout the day.

3. Be sure that your room sees the sunlight.

There is a clear connection between sunlight and happiness. That’s why we feel unhappy in a cloudy, cold weather. It is even said that drugs used for lack of vitamin D have antidepressant effects. We have to feel the sun directly for 15 minutes every day. Wake up in the morning and meet up with the light of the day, this will provide a happier start to your day. In addition, the morning light secretes melatonin and adrenaline hormones secretion in your brain, which allows you to be able to wake up easier.

4. Do not choose hard, loud alarm kind of musics for waking up easily; choose your favorite music, which comforts you.

The Japanese think there’s a connection between the alarm sound and the heart attack. Choose music which will motivate you and make you feel happier during the day.

5. Get C Vitamins.

Experts disagree that drinking lemon water in the morning helps lose weight, but starting in the morning with vitamin C in the morning will provide a happy wake up. It is scientifically proven that vitamin C provides an increase in dopamine levels.

6. Make breakfast plans to motivate you

Plan what you will eat as soon as you wake up. Start your day with healthy food, a breakfast that will motivate you to wake up. Healthy foods, far from fat and sugar, also elevate dopamine levels.

  1. Prepare a list of things ‘to do’ a night before

List should also include the items you will definitely enjoy. Such lists will give you a clearer view of what you need to do as soon as you start the day, so you’ll wake up easier. In addition, spending the day in your mind will cause you to perceive these things as quite complicated. Preparing a to do list and removing them when done, will give you great motivation to see the works you already did.

  1. Have a hobby that you will perform it during the day.

Your hobby is one of the most important factors that will motivate you to a new day. Because the activities you enjoy will greatly increase the level of dopamine.

9.Make sure you have a morning routine.

t is not easy to decide what to do first with sleep ambush anyway. For this reason, a certain morning routine will give you at least 10 minutes extra time, i.e more time to spend in bed.

  1. Wake up at the same time every morning, even if you do not go to school or work.

Constant disruption of the sleep pattern means disrupting your body’s balance too. This will cause you to have difficulty in waking up in the morning. So make sure you keep balanced your sleep routine every day.

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