Alethea Luna is an influential spiritual writer who’s helped many people around the world with her advice on how to survive everything in life and be happy by raising your awareness on a higher, more advanced level. What inspired Luna to start helping others was her profound existential crisis and mental breakdown which she managed to go through and decided to teach people how to do the same.  ‘I am sad. Please help me’ are just a few words that Luna wrote in her diary when she was going through her rough periods during teenage years.

However, she used her past experience to help others who feel the same way overcome their depression and crisis. Here are the 6 powerful happiness tips she recently shared on her website which helped many desperate people and we sincerely hope they will help you if you’re going through the same or a similar rough period when everything seems hopeless.

  1. Take some time out from people and life

In order to feel better, you need to find a quiet place of solitude, according to Luna. Although this may sound counter-intuitive, you need to take some time out from people and life and gather your thoughts. You can do that by shutting the door of your bedroom, take a walk in the park and sit on a bench for a while or find another place where you can be alone.

  1. When feeling sad, frustrated or lost, ask, ‘Is that true?’

Allowing your mind to replay the moments over and over again in order to understand what really happened is very important and you should always practice to let your mind figure out the real reason for your sadness, frustration or some other emotion that makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. And while letting your brain processed everything, ask yourself, ‘Is that true?’ For example, imagine your partner criticizing your weight and you instantly think he/she doesn’t love you anymore because of the critic. However, once you ask yourself, ‘Is that true? Can I be sure that my partner doesn’t love me anymore?’ Likely, your answer would be negative which leaves plenty of space for other possibilities. Perhaps they were insecure about their weight and the critic had nothing to do with your, and so forth.

  1. Stop running away and face what you feel with courage

Instead of numbing your emotions with TV, drugs, alcohol, sex, technology, food, friends or by distracting yourself as long as possible until your bad feeling go away, learn how to face what you feel with courage and stop running away from yourself. Bad feeling won’t go away, until you face them, accept and overcome them. People who avoid their emotions for too long, wind up with mental illnesses or chronic health conditions, says Luna.

  1. When you feel sad, remember that you’re not the only one

Everyone is sad at some point or betrayed, or hurt, however, we must be aware that we weren’t meant only for bad things and they can happen to anyone. The soon we realize this, the better because with knowing you’re not the only one who’s feeling sad, you’re able to handle your sadness. When everyone else can do it, why can’t you?

  1. Everything will pass in life, including your sadness

Nothing is eternal in life and everything will pass one day. Good things will pass. Bad things will pass. Everything will pass and guess what – your sadness will pass too. Although you are mourning now, in a week, month or year from now – you will realize that everything that’s happening is just a passing memory.

  1. The pain is the most honest and powerful teacher

Your pain is harsh but remember that it’s also the most honest and powerful teacher. It’s easy to be a victim and wallow in your pain but what’s hard is to keep fighting and overcome everything you’re going through right now. When feeling sad about something, ask, ‘Why do I see this as something to be sad about?’ Instead of seeing your pain as something to be sad about – learn from it. Let pain be your teacher and improve you as a person. And remember that without pain it would be impossible for us to understand what pleasure really is, says Luna.

Reference: The Minds Journal

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