Sometimes being an introvert can be a real struggle. People may consider us as weird, anti-social – even though they still do not know the exact meaning of it – quiet and a lot of other labels they like to put us in. I am neither of them, I am just an introvert, that is very simple. A person can be either an extrovert – outgoing, communicative, expressive – or an introvert  – shy, reticent.  I am not always shy, nor am I always quiet. Being an introvert doesn’t mean we hate people, we just cannot be very close to the people we just met, that sounds very logical to me. Also, being an introvert doesn’t mean we are always quiet; we are pretty crazy and talkative next to the people we feel comfortable with. There are a lot of misconceptions for introverts, I agree it is difficult to be introverted and the struggles we face sometimes can be difficult too.


1.People do not understand that we actually ENJOY being alone


When we do not like crowd, or talking to a stranger, some people see us as we are in a depressive mood, we are in a relationship breakdown or something is wrong with us. None of them. We do not hate people, neither are we upset. We are just happier when we are alone, we enjoy being alone – or at least being with fewer people –

2. We hate people who look inside of our eyes


Most of us avoid eye contact, by this, we give a signal to the opposite person to not look inside of our eyes too. This makes us uncomfortable, and redirect our attention. Because of this sometimes we even lose ourselves in conversation. Especially if it is someone we are not very close to or someone we just met.

3. Sometimes we are very indecisive


When a friend invites us to go out, we are very indecisive whether we should go or we should stay home because if we go, after a while we will miss our bed and consequently we will want to leave. At the same time, if we decide not to go and stay home, we will start to think about how our friends are having fun and we regret our decision. This is just another introvert struggle.

4. We don’t like phone calls


If you want to reach to an introverted individual through a phone call, do not try it hard. You will probably get no answer or instead, you will get an answer through a message, or, she will last it short. You can get feedbacks like ‘Why are you carrying that phone?’ or ‘Did you know cell phones are for fast communication?’. Oh, If they could only understand us.

5. People think we are weird and anti-social


First of all, let me be clear on what really anti-social means. In contrast to people who believe anti-social is not liking crowd and the desire to be alone, being anti-social means to be a person who wants to harm other people. That is definitely not the case for introverts. Introverts simply do not like the crowd and enjoy hanging out with their close environment, but they don’t want secretly to hurt others. Most people see us as weird because we are usually quiet and invisible in a group. But we just don’t feel comfortable and nothing is wrong with that.

6. We have our own safe place


As an introvert, my safe place is my bedroom. Every introverted individual has their own safe place. After a tiring day we end up in our safe place; it makes us calmer and relaxes us. We find ourselves and be in touch with ourselves in our safe place. We like doing activities there, and whenever we feel overwhelmed, we go there to feel better. It definitely works. But some people find this weird.


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