Courage Crusher

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What You Need To Know About The Behaviors That Kill Your Self Esteem



Self doubt can be synonymous to paralysis. It can immobilize and disable you or prevent you from making strides in your life. Think of the moments you felt enthusiastic about your goals, but the momentum begins to slow down as the time for taking the first step approaches. You can hear the voice inside you saying, are you sure you can do it? What will happen if you mess up? As the days went by, your doubts decrease your ability to get the tasks at hand done. You’ll feel pressured, stumped, and it seems that all eyes are on you. Extreme self doubt is the main ingredient for losing your courage. This book outlines the behaviors that kill your self esteem. This book also shows you the right approach to build your self-confidence.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Self Esteem Basics
Chapter 2:
Do You Complain?
Chapter 3:
Do You Have Self Doubt?
Chapter 4:
Do You Lack Bravery
Chapter 5:
Seeking Permission
Chapter 6:
Faulting Others