Counseling Companion

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How to Navigate Your Way through Addiction Counseling



Many people became victims of addiction because of different reasons. But, according to a survey, the majority of those who get addicted to a substance like drugs or alcohol don’t have any idea about what addiction could bring into their lives. Since using drugs and taking alcohol gives them the best feeling in the world, they think that it is a good thing. However, once addiction strikes, many end up overwhelmed with their current status and get frustrated just trying to get their normal life back. Fortunately, there is a thing called counselling, which is a great way to overcome addiction effectively.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Addiction Counselling Basics
Chapter 2
Realize That You Need Help
Chapter 3
Realize the Importance of Selecting the Correct Treatment
Chapter 4
Work On Identifying the Source of Why You Have an Addiction
Chapter 5
Have an Open Mind
Chapter 6
Be Honest With Yourself and Others
Chapter 7
The Dangers of Not Getting Help When You Need It