A complex set of factors hides behind the determination if someone is transgender. However, although science hasn’t pointed out the exact neurological and psychological traits that help us identify whether someone has a gender distress, we can’t deny that transgenders exist.

If someone identifies with a different sex, opposite of the sex they were born, no one has the right to prevent that person from changing it. This makes us wonder, whether children who feel they may be a different sex than they were born should be given gender change drugs by the government? No matter how you feel about our question, the fact is that this is happening. Over 800 children in the UK under or above the age of 10 are given drugs in order to change gender.

These children are been given strong hormone injections which stop the development of breasts, sex organs, and body hair. The drugs are given to keep the kids in a prepubescent state in order to make them more easier to operate with when they grow up. It’s likely that children are aware of their own feelings and only they can say if they identify with a different gender or not. However, it’s also likely that some of them might be mistaking their feelings and could change their minds in future or multiple times before growing up.

According to Daily Mail’s reports, a transgender girl claimed that she will commit suicide if she’s not giving these hormone injections. Apparently, the girl, Liyr Jones, 17, has been taking the drugs for over six months in order to end the depression she suffered when noticed a certain change in her body that made her identify herself as an adult man. Jones said that if the physical transformations continued, she would be forced to commit suicide.

According to Mail reports, over 600 young people are under treatment at the Gender Identity Development Service clinic in London and over 200 children at a clinic in Leeds. Even 230 of those 800 children are under the age of 14.

In 2014, the government removed the age limit which was 16 and allowed people to take the hormone therapy at any age. Today, doctors have been giving these drugs to 9-year-old children because the British government thinks that people are not smart enough to make the right decisions not only when it comes to transgenders but on many other fronts.

According to Paul Mc Hugh, a professor of psychiatry, children’s brain is too immature to make these decisions. However, they take actions when it comes to gender identity and accept to receive serious medical drugs only at the age of 12 or less.

These children aren’t old enough to take life-changing actions that will affect them in future. Giving them gender change drugs is unethical because it’s possible that they don’t completely understand what they’re doing, said Stephanie Davies-Arai, a concerned parent of the Transgender Trend group. However, the lead clinician in the clinic in London, Gary Butler, disagrees with these statements and claims that the drugs can help the children with distress from puberty.

He neglects the fact that puberty is distressing and some of the children he treats may be misled and still given these strong hormone drugs. Mc Hugh says that most of the children who think they are transgenders, in future identify with their biological sex. And exposing children to these treatments may endanger their mental health. Imagine how would someone who took these drugs feel if they come up with the conclusion that they finally identify with their biological gender?

Reference: Enlightened Consciousness