Many new technologies were discussed at the World Economic Forum (WEF). One of the most interesting of these was the digital identity project. If the plan works, it will be possible to travel without a passport and without a visa. Of course, if you are in the status of ‘Recognized and Trusted Passenger’.

The 48th World Economic Forum (WEF) was held in Davos, Switzerland a few days ago. Top government officials and professionals from many countries have been involved in many issues that have kept the world busy today.

The technology was also constantly on the forefront.Many innovations for today’s and tomorrow’s technologies, especially artificial intelligence, blockchain, unmanned vehicles, intelligent cities, quantum computers, were discussed from a broad perspective during the Forum.

Two topics were very interested in the sessions where many opinions were expressed about digital technologies. One of these topics was a passport-free voyage and digital identity project planned to cross the horizon.

The experts say that it is now a matter of time for our passports and identities disappear.In this aspect, it is planned that the country and international journeys, especially by the airline, will be safer and more comfortable to travel without a visa.

In order to do this, we have to digitize hundreds and even thousands of information directed to our business life, our social life from our economic situation, especially our basic biometric data such as retina, DNA, vein structure, and fingerprint.

Then the passengers have to download an application where they will share all of these information and create a digital identity.

This identity of the individual will be approved with the help of blockchain technology and will be shared with all requesting institutions.

Those who pass the ‘Recognized and Trusted Passenger’ status after many safe journeys will be able to proceed without any expiration on their new journey.

The passport-free process is expected to start in 2020.